Designed and manufactured to guarantee high performance, efficiency and reliability over time, the Shamal pumping unit range consists of the following families:

  • OILLESS COAXIAL PUMPING UNITS, which feature special constructive solutions, innovative materials with a low friction coefficient, and high wear resistance. These units guarantee machine functionality and long life.

  • LUBRICATED COAXIAL UNITS made with die-cast aluminium heads and cast iron cylinders to guarantee excellent resistance to wear over time thanks to top quality materials and an efficient cooling system.

  • SINGLE AND TWO-STAGE PUMPING UNITS, which stand out for:

• intercooler for cooling between the first and second compression stage with subsequent improvement in terms of efficiency;
• lower rotation speed to ensure limited noise;
• increased performance thanks to the higher air intake and higher volumetric efficiency which puts these compressors at the top of their category.